Junior League of New Orleans

Community Assistance Fund Grant

The Community Assistance Fund provides the Junior League of New Orleans with a flexible means to grant money to non-profit agencies that can effectively demonstrate that they have a dire need for funding and are aiming to address our community’s greatest needs. 

Requests for funding are thoroughly examined by a Community Assistance Fund committee before going through the League’s Planning & Development Council and Board of Directors for final approval.

Community Assistance Fund grants are awarded twice a year—once during a fall funding cycle and then again during a spring funding cycle.

Fall Funding Cycle 2013 – focus area is Rebuilding New Orleans:

The deadline for submission to the Community Assistance Fund for the 2013 Fall funding cycle is Friday, September 27, 2013.  Grants for the fall funding cycle will be paid in January 2014.

Spring Funding Cycle 2014 – focus area is Healthy Families:

The deadline for submission to the Community Assistance Fund for the 2013 Spring funding cycle is Friday, February 21, 2014.  Grants for the spring funding cycle will be paid in May 2014.

Grant Range:  Community Assistance Fund grant requests may be made for up to $4,000.

Steps for the Application Process for a Community Assistance Fund Grant:

Step 1: Determine if your organization matches with the current grant cycles focus area.

Fall 2013 – Rebuilding New Orleans

Spring 2014 – Healthy Families

Step 2: Submit Proposal Online.

A representative from your organization will need to submit an application for funding, online, to the Junior League of New Orleans, no later than 5:00pm on:

Fall – September 27, 2013

Spring – February 21, 2014

Please fill out the Community Assistance Fund Online Application.

*Please fill out the following form. You cannot save data typed into this form. Please print out your completed form if you would like a copy for your records

Please upload a copy of your IRS determination letter, along with a copy of your organization’s most recent financial statement, current year operating budget, annual audit report, and any other supporting documentation that you believe would add benefit to your application.

  • IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter
  • Recent Financial Statement
  • Current Operating Budget
  • Annual Audit report
  • Any other Additional Documents

Fall – September 27, 2013
Spring – February 21, 2014

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be nonprofit, tax exempt agencies (501(c)(3)’s)
  • Organizations cannot be considered if they have received funding in the past 12 months
  • Funds must be used within the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area
  • The request must be submitted to the Community Assistance Fund committee and then be recommended by the committee to the Panning & Development Council.  The Board of Directors of the Junior League of New Orleans must vote to fund each request.
  • All grants are subject to contractual agreement, with a six month follow up required of organizations who receive Community Assistance Fund awards
  • Requests for Community Assistance Fund monies must be for a specific and stated purpose
  • Grant assistance through this Fund must benefit more than just a single individual (the broader the reach that the funding will serve, the better the case for funding)

The Junior League of New Orleans will consider funding:

  • Program effectiveness is an important consideration in the awarding of Community Assistance Fund grants.
  • The Junior League is following our mission and funding programs that match our focus areas. In Fall 2013 we are accepting applications for programs focusing on rebuilding New Orleans.  In Spring 2014 we are accepting applications for programs focusing healthy families. 

The Junior League of New Orleans will NOT fund:

  • Out-of-state organizations (unless the request is to serve and benefit persons in the Greater New Orleans community)
  • Sponsorship of special events
  • Religious instruction or teachings
  • Political activities
  • Travel expenses
  • Fundraising Donations
  • Marketing expenses
  • Contributions to capital fundraising drives
  • An agency which has a project currently being funded by the Junior League of New Orleans

Requests for general operating revenues will not be considered unless unusual circumstances exist and a case is made for why these funds are identified as critical or dire needs.

NOTE:  Acceptance of a Community Assistance Fund grant will change the status of an organization under consideration for a proposed Community Project partnership.  While organizations may apply for both the CAF and a Community Project partnership in the same year, organizations may not be selected for both.

Helpful Hints to Consider for a Full Application for the Community Assistance Fund:

  • Define the specific needs of the people you will serve.  Don’t be too generic.  General statistics about national or state problems are not as relevant as citing the need of our community.
  • Be specific about your planned outcomes.  For example, “we will improve the self-esteem of teenage girls” is not as clear and compelling as “we will offer a six-part training program for fifty 12-16 year old girls which will include sessions on hygiene, career options, study skills and money management.”
  • Clearly outline and identify a specific line-item budget on how JLNO funds will be used for this project.  For example, how many tote bags would you be able to purchase with JLNO funds? 
  • Please provide an overall project budget and revenue plan, as well as your organization's overall budget. 
  • Keep the reader’s attention on the ultimate outcome or impact that your project will have on the clients that the project will serve. For example, will your clients finish high school?  Avoid teenage pregnancy?  Stay away from drugs?
  • Share how you plan to evaluate the impact that you will have.
  • Let a colleague, friend or relative read your proposal for clarity before you submit it for consideration.  Do readers understand your request?  Would they support it themselves? 
  • Requests for general operating salaries are discouraged. 
  • Requests for employee training and development are discouraged. 

Final decisions for Community Assistance Fund grants will be made by December 2013 for the fall funding cycle and by May 2014 for the spring funding cycle.


Questions or additional information about the Junior League’s Community Assistance Fund may be obtained by contacting Community Assistance Fund at caf@jlno.org or call JLNO Headquarters at (504) 891-5845.