Ann Marshall Tilton

Ann Marshall Tilton is part of the team at Tulane University’s Albert Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation where she oversees the Greater New Orleans Startup Report, an annual research initiative that aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the factors driving success for startups and early-stage companies in the region. Prior to working with the Lepage Center, Ann Marshall was a strategic quantitative analyst with New Orleans research firm MDRG where she designed, conducted, and reported branding, advertising, pricing, and product research for a variety of industries, including healthcare, tourism, and consumer packaged goods. In addition to her current role with the Lepage Center, Ann Marshall is a founding partner at Ansanm, a data insights consulting firm serving the retail and hospitality industries. She received her MBA from Tulane University and her BA from the University of Virginia.  Ann Marshall is both a professional supporter-of-entrepreneurs and an entrepreneur herself. She is always thrilled to help her fellow New Orleanians start and grow their businesses.