Courtney Jackson

Courtney Jackson is the Organizer and Storyteller for Ride New Orleans, a non-profit transit advocacy organization that envisions a region in which taking transit enables full access to jobs, education, healthcare and other needs that ensure the equitable, thriving community that all residents deserve. 

Prior to working in transit advocacy with Ride New Orleans Courtney spent eight years working in mental health advocacy for both children and adults where she witnessed, first hand, the importance of equitable and reliable transit to her clients and how without it, access to supports that could change their lives significantly lowered if not disappeared. Now, two years into her work at RIDE she’s focused on expanding their grassroots network of transit riders through direct organizing, relationship building, and facilitating monthly transit rider meet-ups. She also works with transit riders to spread their compelling individual stories of why transit improvements are so necessary for a better regional quality of life.