Stephanie Osborne

Stephanie Osborne is the CEO of Meditate New Orleans and the producer of Reclaiming the Goddess Within. Stephanie has studied meditation for over 25 years and has Guided Meditation for over 10 years. After studying a combination of meditation traditions and techniques including Mindfulness, Zen Buddhist Meditation, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, Primordial Sound Meditation, Soka Gakai Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Osborne has created a beautifully blended meditation experience that includes all of her favorite aspects of meditation and it’s traditions.

Meditate New Orleans is a Corporate Guided Meditation business, also offering Weekly Guided Group Meditation as well as private sessions online and at Central St. Matthews and Women’s Empowerment and Mindful Events. She is also a certified yoga instructor.  Osborne’s goal is to bring mindfulness through breath and movement into the forefront of people of all ages, in and around the New Orleans area. The mission of Meditate New Orleans is to help people connect with their higher selves by practicing stillness, gratitude, compassion and self-love. Stephanie’s Mindfulness, Compassion and Gratitude Curriculum is being used at schools, churches, work places and social groups throughout Louisiana. She’s happily married to Terrance Osborne, her husband of 23 years and is the proud mother of three amazing kids: LT, Seth and Sydni.