Junior League of New Orleans

Judgment Call

Junior League of New Orleans received a generous gift from local attorney Randall A. Smith of Smith & Fawer LLC to develop a community project promoting good decision-making in youth. Thanks to this generous gift and a hardworking committee, Judgment Call launched in Fall 2011 as a new JLNO Community Project!

JLNO, with support from Community Works of Louisiana, is partnering with International School of Louisiana to implement the Street Law “Community Works” program for local 5th and 6th graders during their after school enrichment period this year.  The mission of Community Works of Louisiana, Inc. is to seek support, promote and advance education for the benefit of the youth in Louisiana. 

Street Law, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, in partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council also in Washington, D.C., designed the Community Works curriculum, which promotes good citizenship and community service in younger children.

The Judgment Call program will introduce students to the justice system, through its key players-- judges, lawyers, mediators, and law enforcement officials, who act as participants in the classroom as well as speakers to the school at large, providing the critical positive interaction with the justice system young students frequently do not receive, to better inform and educate them about their rights and responsibilities as members of their communities. As part of the program, the students design and implement a Community Project to effect positive change in their communities.

For more information about the Judgment Call Community Project, please send us an e-mail at judgmentcall@jlno.org or call the JLNO Headquarters at (504) 891-5845.