Junior League of New Orleans

Message from the President

Welcome to the Junior League of New Orleans website! 

With our volunteer hours, funding, facilities, and outreach efforts, the Junior League of New Orleans works to Advance the Wellbeing of Women. This bold vision, which you can read about here, sets our course as we embark on our 91st year of voluntarism in Metropolitan New Orleans.

To me, this means that children my daughters’ ages will gain confidence in their worth. It means that engineering, the field I have degrees in, will be an option, as girls embrace their capabilities and have more opportunities to experience science and math. It means our city’s exhausted mothers, working multiple jobs and suffering stress, will be supported through financial training programs, health education, or perhaps free diapers so they can bring their children to daycare.

What does it mean to you to Advance the Wellbeing of Women? As we shape the programs that will carry us into the future, we hope you will tell us. We will continue to, as Planning and Development Council Director Mollye Demosthenidy so aptly explains, “create solutions to community problems.” We do this by multiplying our donors’ financial contributions with volunteer hours. Last year alone, we contributed over $750,000 dollars, but far more importantly, 50,000 volunteer hours into the community.

We invite you to read throughout our website the ways in which our 2,300 volunteers, dedicated to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities, are changing the face of New Orleans. The Junior League has been a part of efforts that shaped our community and helped New Orleans secure early leadership status on important issues, such as preservation and child welfare. We commit to pushing the boundaries, questioning the status quo, and looking to innovative collaborations and initiatives only possible because of the passion of volunteers.

So again I ask, what does it mean to you to Advance the Wellbeing of Women? What will you do to make it happen? Email me at president@jlno.org. We are listening, and we are grateful for your support.


Katherine Kleinpeter Raymond
2014-2015 President