Junior League of New Orleans

Community Projects

Over the years, thousands of residents have benefited from the work of Junior League volunteers, and helping others has immeasurably enriched the lives of those volunteers. But, an all-volunteer organization would not make such an impact had it not instituted business-oriented standards to select and maintain its projects and activities.

The Junior League of New Orleans defines many of its community services as projects. All must be compatible with and support JLNO's vision, mission and focus areas.

A project must allow the utilization, training, and development of volunteers and address a community need within the focus area.  JLNO must have a position of responsibility in administration and program development, and the project must have a high impact in the community. Specifically:

  • People's lives will change as a result of the program, and the project has an evaluation process that supports results.
  • The underlying causes of the community need are addressed.
  • We are able to assess the number of people experiencing the change versus the intensity of that change.
  • Levels of change include knowledge, skills, attitudes, behavior, condition, and status.

Other requirements include a defined, viable plan for sustainability and an organizational infrastructure capable of supporting project operations. 

2015-2016 Projects

From June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016, our Community Projects include the following:

  • Community Assistance Fund Grants – Investing in nonprofits to extend community impact
  • Diaper Bank – Filling the “Diaper Gap” by raising awareness and providing family assistance
  • Education Support Services – Narrowing the achievement gap by supporting children’s education
  • Kids in the Kitchen – Reducing obesity and poor nutrition by educating children and families on healthy choices
  • Lemonade Day University – Empowering today’s youth to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs
  • Rebuilding Together – Renovating homes to create secure and attractive neighborhoods
  • Safe Sitter – Preparing young people for the profound responsibilities of nurturing and protecting children
  • Senior Outreach – Nurturing the emotional and mental wellbeing of the elderly
  • Speaker Series on Health and Wellness – Providing information and resources on ways for women to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing
  • Woman Entrepreneur (WE) Fellowship – Promoting professional success and improving economic opportunities for women

In addition to the Community Projects regularly supported by JLNO members and funding, our organization commits volunteer hours to other area nonprofits needing additional resources. JLNO requires all Active and Provisional members, regardless of what they have chosen as their placements within our organization, to complete at least three hours of community service. They may complete these service hours within a community project or with another organization requesting assistance from JLNO. An entire committee called All Hands on Deck also serves these other organizations, and members may elect to dedicate their entire time in JLNO to this aspect of our mission.

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