Past Presidents

JLNO’s President serves a one-year term as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. In addition to presiding over meetings of the Board, Joint Council, and General Membership, she provides responsible and effective leadership and guidance for the Board of Directors and staff. She leads the Board in confirming goals and objectives at the beginning of each year and in evaluating and recommending new goals at the end of each year. She works closely with the Treasurer and Finance Council to ensure that JLNO operates on a sound financial basis. JLNO’s President is the official spokesperson of the organization with the media unless she deems it necessary to appoint someone to serve in her place and is the only member of JLNO that can sign a legally binding contract for the organization. To ensure the organization is kept informed of other Junior League activities, she acts as a liaison for the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI), the Area V region of Leagues, and Presidents of Large Leagues (POLL) affinity group.




Name Year
Veva Penick Miller Wright 1923-1925
Elinor Bright Richardson 1925-1926
Gladys Eustis Reily 1926-1928
Eleanor Luzenburg Pratt 1928-1929
Perrine Dixon McCune 1929-1930
Cleon Freret Baldwin 1930-1931
Marietta Rocquet 1931-1933
Elizabeth Parker Trabue Moring 1933-1934
Frances Kittredge Burke 1934-1935
Anna Lynne Dodds LeJeune 1935-1936
Elizabeth Coke Moore Sebrell 1936-1937
Althea Wuerpel Rainold 1936-1937
Dorothy Graner Carroll 1937-1939
Ruth Miller Hardie 1939-1941
Jane Hayward French 1941-1942
Nellie May Bartlett Kelleher 1942-1943
Lynne Hecht Farwell 1943-1944
Charlotte Felder Favrot 1944-1946
Lucile Isacks Andrus 1946-1947
Murray Pearce Hurley 1947-1949
Nancy Reeves Dreux 1949-1951
Marilyn Jenkins Salmon Sinclair 1951-1952
Ethel Shingo Dameron Manard 1952-1953
Jane Dart Maunsell 1953-1955
Mary Ziegler Norris 1955-1956
Beverly Hess Reese 1956-1957
Charlotte Hillyer Dupuy 1957-1958
Virginia Smart McIlhenny 1958-1959
Margot Bennett Logan 1959-1960
Ann Burdette Carroll 1960-1961
Katherine Foster Duncan 1961-1962
Bruce Witherspoon Rafferty 1962-1963
Patricia Brown Waters 1963-1964
Anne Kock Montgomery 1964-1965
Caroline Trueman Sharp 1965-1966
Suzanne Saussy Stewart 1966-1967
Virginia McConnell Walker 1967-1968
Elizabeth Nicholson Fischer 1968-1969
Marion Andrus McCollam 1969-1970
Cynthia Rainold Hammond 1970-1971
Kathryn Eshleman Rapier 1971-1972
Florance “Bonnie” Scott Conway 1972-1973
Diana Monroe Lewis 1973-1974
Jackeen Kelleher Churchill 1974-1975
Dorothy Storey Charbonnet 1975-1976
Anne Maught Butts 1976-1977
Anne McDonald Milling 1977-1978
Ruth Jones Frierson 1978-1979
Elizabeth Shaw Nalty 1979-1980
Georgia Monsted Simmons 1980-1981
Janet White Bean 1981-1982
Mary Frances Mears Gleason 1982-1983
Frances Gable Villere 1983-1984
Ella Montgomery Flower 1984-1985
Ann Mahorner 1985-1986
Diana Rowley Jones 1986-1987
Wendy Walk Michell 1987-1988
Barbara Gott Bush 1988-1989
Alice Marquez Wright 1989-1990
Lynn Fitzpatrick Mann 1990-1991
Kathy Bannon Eastman 1991-1992
Betsie Meric Gambel 1992-1993
Ashley Lykes Geary 1993-1994
Wendy Connaughton Dalovisio 1994-1995
Ninette Charbonnet Eastman 1995-1996
Julie Livaudais George 1996-1997
Natalie King Lanaux 1997-1998
Sarah Foster Suthon 1998-1999
Melanee Gaudin Usdin 1999-2000
Katherine Andry Crosby 2000-2001
Elizabeth Boh 2001-2002
Charlene Hill Walk 2002-2003
Ellen Chapin Coleman 2003-2004
Wendy McCarthy Beron 2004-2005
Elizabeth Hadden Creel 2005-2006
Laura Fox Politz 2006-2007
Gwathmey Finlay Gomila 2007-2008
Leah Nunn Engelhardt 2008-2009
Erin Bell Luetkemeier 2009-2010
Jennifer Surgala Couvillon 2010-2011
Blanche “Dee” McCloskey 2011-2012
Brandy Baechle Whisnant 2012-2013
Jeanne Harang Boughton 2013-2014
Katherine Kleinpeter Raymond 2014-2015
Shannon McCloskey Able 2015-2016
Maria Pardo Huete 2016-2017
Kristen Cocke Koppel 2017-2018
Alice Glenn 2018-2019
Christine Vinson 2019-2020
Kristin Van Hook Moore 2020-2021
Shannon Brice 2021-2022
Holly Paczak 2022-2023