Sustainer of the Year

Every year since 1958, JLNO has presented the Sustainer of the Year Award to a Sustaining member who exemplifies the organization’s educational and charitable mission. The recipient has a demonstrated commitment to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through her commendable action and leadership. Nominations for the award come from the Sustaining and Active membership, and a committee reviews nominations and letters of support to determine the award.





Name Year
Elizabeth “Liz” Creel 2023
Laura Shields 2022
Julia Bland 2021
Wendy Beron 2020
Katherine “Katie” Andry Crosby 2019
Melanee Gaudin Usdin 2018
Margaret “Margo” Sanders Phelps 2017
Ann Thorpe Thompson 2016
Peggy LeCorgne Laborde 2015
Claire Ferrier Stahel 2014
Harriet “Muffin” Balart 2013
Margaret Garrett Wall 2012
Julie Livaudais George 2011
Janet White Bean 2010
Beverly Reese Church 2009
Susan Read Johnson 2008
Alice Wright 2007
Ruthie Frierson 2006
Margie Villere 2005
Barbara Gott Bush 2004
Cynthia Rainold Hammond 2003
Flora Fenner French 2002
Susan Jones Gundlach 2001
Eugenie Jones Huger 2001
Patricia Crane Mason 2000
Elizabeth Shaw Nalty 1999
Jean Flower Tompkins 1998
Georgia Monsted Simmons 1997
Ann Mahorner 1996
Joan Walet Hartson 1995
Frances Gable Villere 1994
Sally Upham Hays 1993
Marjorie Leverich Moran 1992
Beth Stocker Cary 1991
Anne McDonald Milling 1990
Gladys Gay LeBreton 1989
Kathryn Eshleman Rapier 1988
Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin 1987
Sybil Muths Favrot 1986
Florance Scott Conway 1985
Lynne Hecht Farwell 1984
Virginia McConnell Walker 1983
Diana Monroe Lewis 1982
Molly Ferrell Reily 1981
Catherine Bensabat Schneider 1980
Bruce Witherspoon Rafferty 1979
Nell Winston Saussy 1978
Katherine Foster Duncan 1977
Anne Kock Montgomery 1976
Margot Bennet Logan 1975
The Founding Members 1974
Charolotte Hillyer Dupuy 1973
Helen Martin Shaw 1972
Shingo Dameron Manard 1971
Virginia Logan Halsey 1970
Susan Buck Mayer 1969
Rosa Freeman Keller 1968
Isabel McMain Ewing 1967
Charlotte Felder Favrot 1966
Frances Kittredge Burke 1965
Jane Pharr Gage 1964
Peggy Weaver Waechter 1963
Althea Wuerpel Rainold 1962
Nancy Reeves Dreux 1961
Murray Pearcy Hurley 1960
Eleonor Luzenberg Pratt 1959
Gladys Eustis Reily 1958