Globally revered for the life-changing work we do, the Junior League is the premier source for civic leadership training and development opportunities for women who want to enact lasting and significant change in their communities.

JLNO extends this impact by offering information and training opportunities to the public. We plan and present innovative in-person sessions aimed at personal and professional development. We collaborate with partners to identify the community’s needs and address them with meaningful and relevant programming that can help shape the way people think and serve as a call to action.

From June 1, 2019 through May 31, 2020, our public training offerings include the following:

  • Get on Board – Training board members and staff for effective nonprofit organizational management
  • Safe Sitter – Preparing young people for the profound responsibilities of nurturing and protecting children
  • The ABOLISH Movement – Uniting organizations and agencies in drawing attention to the problem of child sex trafficking
  • Women’s Leadership Summit – Offering personal growth, professional development, and social impact for women who strive to improve their communities