Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is a powerful tool to achieving and maintaining economic freedom, and it is often not taught in a traditional educational setting. Those without access to this knowledge are susceptible to debt and poverty. With information about developing a household budget, creating an emergency savings account, and purchasing a first home, financial literacy can be the tool that transforms women’s lives. To increase financial literacy and in alignment with our focus on Advancing the Wellbeing of Women, JLNO has developed a Financial Literacy for Women curriculum which focuses on the five key financial topics of banking, borrowing, budgeting, saving, and investing.

This program joins with nonprofit and community-based partners to create a custom curriculum that will meet the needs of those they serve. JLNO will create, source, and/or purchase teaching and curriculum materials for the purposes of a class or classes. These may include, but not be limited to, printed materials, budget guidelines, and literacy workbooks to take home as reference. The customized program once developed will be free and open to the partner to use in the future. The execution of the program will kick-off with an educational event to increase participation and bring excitement to the empowerment financial literacy can bring.

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