Community Project Partnerships

Since 1924, the Junior League of New Orleans (JLNO) has enriched the lives of thousands of Metropolitan New Orleans residents through educational and charitable works in collaboration with community organizations. These partnerships are key to JLNO’s impact in our community.

Through our Community Project Partnerships, we provide both volunteer and financial support and have a rigorous process for selecting and sustaining these projects.

The Community Project Partnership Application process is for nonprofit organizations that wish to benefit from the resources JLNO has to offer and collaborate on improving services to the population of Metropolitan New Orleans. We welcome innovative initiatives to create and develop in partnership with your organization.

A Community Project Partnership must:

  • Include a significant volunteer component for JLNO members with a variety of hours and days.
  • Have a positive, recognizable, and measurable impact in the community
  • Align with JLNO’s focus area of Advancing the Wellbeing of Women
  • Provide JLNO with a position of responsibility in the development and administration of the project

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Organizations must be nonprofit (generally 501(c) 3 status) striving to advance the wellbeing of women and families in Metropolitan New Orleans
  • Projects must be based in Metropolitan New Orleans
  • Requests must be for a specific project or program rather than general operating support

The Junior League of New Orleans will NOT fund:

  • Out-of-state organizations (unless the request is to serve and benefit people in Metropolitan New Orleans)
  • Sponsorship of special events
  • Scholarships
  • Religious instruction or teachings
  • Political activities
  • Travel expenses
  • Fundraising donations
  • Marketing expenses
  • Contributions to capital fundraising drives
  • General operating support
  • An agency which has a project currently being funded by JLNO

The Application Process:

If your project satisfies the requirements for consideration as a Community Project Partnership, we invite you to apply during the 2021-2022 application cycle.  The three steps in the process are detailed below.

Step One: Attend Information Session for Nonprofit Partnerships.

JLNO will hold an information session outlining the criteria and process for both Community Project Partnerships and Community Assistance Fund Grants on August 18, 2021 at JLNO Headquarters, 4319 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, LA 70115. Click here to register!

To attend meeting via zoom:

Meeting ID: 837 4803 9133
Passcode: 072261

We do not require attendance at this session; however, we strongly recommend it for any organization interested in partnering with JLNO through a variety of its different initiatives, including the Community Project Partnership Program.

Step Two:  Submit Concept Paper by October 31, 2021.

The Community Project Partnership Concept Paper consists of a cover page and a Concept Paper of no more than two pages. Please use a font no smaller than 11 point and margins of at least 1 inch for Concept Papers. JLNO will not review Concept Papers that exceed two pages or are submitted after the deadline.

Your Concept Paper should provide a description of your organization’s volunteer and financial needs and include a description of how volunteer and financial assistance will specifically address your organization’s mission. It should also describe the target population for your project, the knowledge and skills needed by volunteers, and the approximate volunteer hours needed per shift. Please note that weekday daytime shift requests may go unfulfilled. Additionally, JLNO typically seeks shifts for volunteers that are divided into three hour timeframes.

Click here to submit Concept Papers in Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.  JLNO will not review hard copy submissions.

When JLNO completes review of the Concept Papers, we will issue invitations to submit full applications by November 30, 2021.

Step Three: Submit Full Application by January 7, 2022.

The full application provides JLNO a deeper understanding and appreciation of your organization and project.  If invited to submit a full application, please provide:

  • IRS letter documenting 501(c)3 status
  • Most recent audited financial statement; if the most recent audited financial statement is not available, submit most recent IRS Form 990.
  • Current operating budget
  • Itemized project budget with budget narrative outlining the specifics of the line items
  • Project narrative limited to three pages

Your project narrative should describe:

  • Your organization’s history and mission
  • The specific problem or need you are addressing with this project (include any needs assessments you have done)
  • The way your project will address this issue
  • The manner in which JLNO volunteers will be engaged, JLNO funds will specifically be used, and volunteer hours and financial support will be leveraged by support from your organization or other sources
  • The physical location of your project
  • The audience served and specific anticipated outcomes
  • The means of evaluating and measuring your success
  • Your plans for long-term sustainability of the program

Use font no smaller than 11 point and margins no smaller than 1 inch.  We must receive your applications by the date and time indicated above.

Full Applications must be submitted via email to

Helpful Hints to Consider If You Are Asked to Submit a Full Proposal:

  • Define the specific needs of the community you will serve.
  • Numerical data is extremely helpful when demonstrating community need.
  • Be specific with the details of your plan. “We will improve the self-esteem of women” is not as clear as “We will offer a six-part training program for fifty 12 to 16-year-old women which will include sessions on hygiene, career options, study skills, and money management.”
  • Delineate how JLNO volunteers and funds will be used. Include a total organizational budget, a project budget, and a revenue plan. We need to know how JLNO’s funding fits into both your organization’s budget as well as the project budget.
  • Address the sustainability of the project beyond any potential financial and volunteer support from JLNO.
  • Describe how you will evaluate or measure the impact your project has on the audience that it serves.


Thank you for considering partnering with JLNO to better the Metropolitan New Orleans community and the lives of its residents.  If you have questions about the Community Project Partnership application process, please contact