Sevetri Wilson

Sevetri is the founder and CEO of Resilia, a technology startup based in New Orleans with an office in New York that helps nonprofit organizations increase capacity and enables enterprises that deploy billions to scale impact. Her work has been recognized by the U.S. Senate and White House for Volunteerism in America, and in 2010 she received the Nobel Prize for Public Service, the Jefferson Award. 

Resilia  was recently named to Venture Beat’s top 10 startups to watch outside of Silicon Valley and Sevetri to Pitchbook’s 27 Black Founders to Watch in 2019. 

Sevetri is also the host of Resilia’s podcast entitled “Scaling Impact” where nonprofit, philanthropic and social entrepreneurs discuss how they are working to address society’s most intractable problems. Whether that be scaling what works, thinking of innovative ways to increase impact through nonprofits regardless of size, or build networks or collective impact, we want to know what has (or hasn’t worked) and what the future outlook holds.